Well, since I’m not getting anywhere through obvious means…

I guess I’ll ask here instead.

From any of my followers that want to participate in the general Round Robin on GW:

What would be an interesting prompt that anyone could participate in (even those under 18)?

I’m brain dead and need some ideas to get started.

Some ideas I’m entertaining because my brain is on vacation: SoMa wedding? SoMA Disney prince/princess scenario? Soma X Tsustar double date? Blair turns Soul into a dog? Shibusen field trip? SoMa on Jerry Springer? SoMa first date? Soul has a secret to tell Maka?

Adult prompt is already up. Obviously, I’ll get this one started sometime tomorrow?

Sep 16th at 1:01AM, 3 years ago / 2 notes
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  1. victoriapyrrhi said: I’d say field trip, double date, or first date.
  2. keybladebanditjing said: I like the field trip one… the dog one’s been used a lot. The Springer one makes me laugh.
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